SilverHawk Sawdust
- Wood Creations by an Asheville Master Sawdust Maker -

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                             Phil Pratt at his lathe making a pen

SilverHawk is Phil Pratt's wood working hobby and business.  His slogan is "Trying to retire, but life won't let me."  As a result, he's stays very busy making his Bangle Bracelets, Volcano Dishes©, Pens, Natural Edge Bowls, Furniture, in-store POP Displays, etc. 

Items for Sale

SilverHawk has made 400+ products over the past few years, in addition to 100's of pens & bracelets he's turned for clients.  Not all of the items shown on this website are currently in inventory but instead meant to reflect his breadth and scope of wood working.  If you're interested in something that's not available, let him know and he will give you a quote.

Those items that are currently available can be found at :

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