SilverHawk Sawdust
- Wood Creations by an Asheville Master Sawdust Maker -


SilverHawk wood working provides small hand crafts ranging from bangle bracelets, wood bowls and pens turned on a lathe, to custom furniture and POP display pieces.


TRYING TO RETIRE ... but life won't let me!

     Phil Pratt - the Master Sawdust Creator

    Phil Pratt - the Master Sawdust Creator

I've often heard it said, "I'm busier now that I'm retired than when I was working."  I couldn't comprehend that as I know how hard I worked for those 40+ years in the corporate world, but now I'm feeling the same way.  Is it because as we age, we're seeing time slipping away faster and faster or is there truth to the statement?  Who knows?  But I'm having a blast devoting time to my hobby ... woodworking.

My woodworking projects range from small decorative items such as bangle bracelets and wood pens, lathe turnings and carvings such as natural edge bowls and Volcano Dlshes©, to custom designed retail store displays and furniture.

I operate out of my home in Weaverville, NC, (just outside Asheville) and sell direct primarily.  Please let me know your interest.  If it's a custom made unit which requires some design, I'll send you a drawing and we can finalize plans from there.

Phil Pratt, Master Sawdust Creator

Weaverville, NC - Phone (828) 450-0189


                   SilverHawk's workshop ... after it's been cleaned.  This is an unusual sight.